3 Reasons Why Antique Engagement Rings Are Trending Today

Antique engagement rings are in a rising demand nowadays. The sheer beauty of these rings has made them so popular in our modern times. Since engagement rings are one of the greatest ways to express your love and commitment, giving your fiancée such kind of ring is really a great option.

Antique engagement rings have timeless beauty and elegance that your fiancée will surely love. With its inherent sense of individuality, it can surely be a great gift to your bride- to- be on your engagement day. Every antique ring has its own story that is carved in every piece of ring. It is an heirloom which carries a sentimental value that modern rings cannot offer. This makes antique engagement rings more unique. The value of antique engagement rings is greatly enhanced if the rings were formerly owned by celebrities and famous people.

The setting of antique engagement rings is one of the aspects of this ring that most people love. It is one of the most liked and well admired styles of all time. Antique ring setting displays charming and passionate collection made of white gold and platinum. Antique rings are those rings produced over a decades or even centuries ago. If you want to find these kinds of rings, you can search through jewelry dealers which offer estate jewelries. You can also find these rings in any reputable jeweler. The price maybe at a premium but it is a safest choice to buy an antique ring in good shape.

Most antique rings were originally produced in white gold. And since these rings are made many years ago, you must pay attention to polishing or cleaning the ring’s surface to bring out the original luster and conceal some of the effects of time. If you are planning to use antique rings an your engagement ring, then need to bring the piece of antique ring to a jeweler to refresh the white gold surface with a coating of rhodium. Rhodium is commonly used to show the natural gold color of the underlying material and present the brilliant appearance of white gold.

3 Reasons Why Antique Engagement Rings Are Trending

1. Long lasting beauty and elegance

Almost every piece of antique engagement rings was created with remarkable craftsmanship that you can never find in any other modern engagement rings. Its beauty and elegance is priceless and is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

2. Great Historical Value

Each piece of antique rings signifies a certain period in the history. Most of them represent memorable events and significant development of human civilization.

3. Timeless

Almost every antique engagement ring is known for its great appeal. They are truly timeless. They have captured the hearts of every men and women across time with their style that represents the resurrection of both the old and the new. Wearing such a timeless style of ring is just like wearing something that has been passed down from many generations. They are more elaborate and intricate compared to modern varieties of engagement rings.

Antique Ring Styles Based On Eras

Victorian Antique Engagement Rings

These rings were produced during the Victorian era way back 1835-1900. It has more intricate craftsmanship, elegance, and simplicity compared to modern styles. Mostly, it is set on rose gold or yellow gold color.

Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings

These are rings that was produced during 1900- 1920. Instead of the very colorful rose and yellow gold from the Victorian age, platinum is a massive hit for engagement rings during this time. Sapphires are the most popular in this era.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

This ring style became a worldwide hit. These rings were produced during 1920-1930. This style is the most sought-after antique engagement rings for newlyweds.