Diamonds occur in various colors including blue, yellow, green, orange, various shades of pink, red, brown, gray and black. Prior to the establishment of the Argyl diamond mine in Australia in 1986, most brown diamonds were considered worthless for jewelry and used predominantly for industrial purpose.

This article discusses the emergence of chocolate diamond; a variant of brown diamond and its relevance.

In the early years of diamond discovery, pure diamonds were considered to be almost colorless and fairly transparent. By these criteria, colored diamonds were considered impure and less valuable compared to colorless diamonds.

Colored diamonds were then used for other purposes except for fashion; this includes industrial process and components of various equipment.

Brown diamonds are the most common color variety of natural diamonds. In most diamond mines, brown diamonds account for 15% of production. Colored diamonds began to gain recognition in 1950 when Baumgold, a diamond cutter rebranded brown diamonds to chocolate diamonds in order to entice sales.

It was after this rebranding that chocolate diamonds gained unprecedented popularity with a marked increase in its sales. The establishment of Argyl diamond mine in Australia in 1986 further boosted the sales of chocolate diamonds.

In the late 1980s, the largest cut chocolate diamond in the world (The golden jubilee diamond) was discovered. It weighed 755.5 Carats as a rough stone in the Premier mine of South Africa. In the year 2000, the fine jewelry company Le Vian trademarked the term “chocolate diamonds and introduced a new brown Jewelry line with massive TV advertisement.

The campaign paid-off; in 2007, virtually nobody was ignorant of chocolate diamonds. Subsequently, the sales of chocolate diamonds increased significantly.

Chocolate diamond rings; the unique trend

Being unique is the clear goal of any fashion-oriented individual. Chocolate diamond affords you the chance to step out of the crowd and stand out with style. A perfect blend of crystalline brown diamond can be forged into almost anything. Chocolate diamond rings are easily noticed and even more exciting to behold. These rings can be worn for fashion, presented as gifts amidst other uses.

How expensive are chocolate diamond rings

Unlike before when the aim was to mine the clearest and most colorless diamonds, people are now interested in colored diamonds. During the last two decades, the sales of chocolate diamond rings have increased. In spite of this, chocolate diamond rings are still quite affordable. While it is true that chocolate diamond rings are about 50% less expensive than medium quality white diamonds, their quality and durability remain unquestionable. A viable to question here is- what determines the price of chocolate diamond rings?

– Color: generally speaking, the stronger the color, the more expensive the diamond.

-Carat: the word karat (a derivative of a carat is a unit of measurement of precious gems. For instance, a 25-carat chocolate diamond ring is expected to be more expensive than a 20-carat gemstone of the same type.

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Things you should know before buying Antique Engagement Rings

Things you should know before buying Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings are unique jewelry with an amazing background. They are really a unique type of valuable metal and gemstone items that one could only come across in the correct stores. Special items from the past may possibly be valuable family heirlooms. These types of extraordinary pieces of jewelry are typically passed down from generation to generation. Its worth is drastically increased in cases where the rings were previously owned by celebs and famous people. Honoring and appreciating the past and even the intrinsic potential high value of genuine antique pieces of jewelry are some of the rationales of couples who want to invest in these kinds of engagement rings.

You can find good quality jewelry shops with extensive stock of authentic antique rings of the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco circa models. So if you would like to buy or invest in premium quality, authentic antique engagement rings, it really is to your very best interest to trade only with trustworthy antique sellers and to obtain some necessary information about antique rings.

Antique Engagement Rings
Antique Engagement Rings


In buying from a reputable antique jeweler, always request ask for a written item detailed description of the ring that interests you. An example of item detailed description of an antique engagement ring is as follows : “Antique Art Deco Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring that contains a prong set Old European Cut Diamond with measurement of 5 .30 x 5 .30 x 4 .00mm , and weighing approximately 2 .05 Carats , Color N , Clarity VVS-2 , Six ( 6 ) single cut diamonds measuring 3 .20 mm in diameter , total weight of 7 stones = 0 .14 Carats , Color H-I , Clarity SI-2 to I-1 , Eight( 8 ) square shape blue sapphires , approximate total weight 0 .07 Carats , total weight ring of 2 .17 approximately, Carats and total approximate weight of sapphires 0 .07.


Modern Engagement Ring

In the early years of our Parents, Grandparents, and even great-grandparents, choosing a ring was a simple task for a couple because there were no much varieties to choose from. But in the word today, modern engagement rings can be a bit complicated with the vast array of different types, styles, and settings.

The first thing that comes to mind in picking a modern engagement ring is the PRICE. You should check and confirm that the type of ring you want to match our budget. Most people budget or spend about $2000 to $4500 on engagement rings. So, there is usually a lot of styles and types within this price range.


The second decision making is about the personal choice of metal for the setting. Gold remains to be the favorite pick for most couples, but then again modern engagement rings are now being a lot more selected in titanium or platinum settings. The provided coatings finish to select from are matte, polished or frosted.


For many people, the Tiffany style pops into their heads first when it comes to thinking of engagement rings. This should not be unexpected since this classic design has got clean and elegant upright lines that give it an air of sophistication. But without a doubt, there are numerous other modern designs to pick from. The sleek tension setting, or invisible or bezel style settings are all sought after modern choices.

The classic diamond ring continues to be the overwhelming preferred choice among modern-day couples. Yet somehow in recent times, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds have shown up a lot more often. This fashion style was enhanced by Prince Charles, who picked a sapphire stone encrusted with expensive diamonds for his fiancee Princess Diana. And in adhering to family culture, Prince William selected the very same style of setting for Kate Middleton. Modern engagement rings tend to reveal the personalities of their owners, even more so compared to years long gone.


Gem Stones that can be used to replace Diamonds in Engagement Rings

Diamonds have always been the main preference for engagement rings, but many others types of gemstones are thriving popular among brides to be. Either for spending plans or perhaps personal taste, these types of unique substitute engagement rings offer an eye-catching color and value that has grown to become progressively more desirable.

Gemstone Rings
Gemstone Rings

The gemstone can possibly refer to just about any stone used in jewelry-making, even though it’s not a mineral. While a number of gemstones are aged and some are most recently found out, each one possesses its own unique color, geological source, and also the background . Generally, gemstones are categorized into two groups, they include: precious and semi-precious. These terms come from Ancient Greece, where diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires were referred to as “precious,” and all others “semi-precious .” Gemstones are categorized by the 4 Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The greater they rate in each classification, the far more worth they possess.

A lot of ring buyers aren’t convinced that a diamond is an appropriate choice for them. But again, it all boils down to your preference.


Tips When Buying Inexpensive Engagement Rings

Inexpensive engagement rings do not necessarily mean giving low quality engagement ring to your future wife. It only implies, buying a better quality ring that was offered at a lower price compared to others. There were so many inexpensive rings available today. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still give a presentable, good looking ring to the one you love on your engagement day. All you need to do is to search for those possible places offering best quality jewelries at a very reasonable price. Here are some of the best tips when you are looking for the best quality ring that would fit to your budget.

Where To Find Inexpensive Engagement Rings

• Online

Internet is a great place to start your search for the ring that would fit to your budget. There are lots of online jewelry stores on the internet nowadays that you can just browse and visit any time you want. Most of them were giving you best choice of engagement ring design. Others let you design your own ring as well. The main benefit of online shopping is that you can find inexpensive engagement rings for your bride- to- be. The prices on the internet are a way cheaper due to strong competition to win customers. Another reason also is that, during end of each season, most company goes through a clearance sale promo with great discount deals in which you’ll find same rings at a lower price rate. However, if you ought to shop online to find a unique inexpensive engagement ring for your fiancée, just make sure that your chosen website is authentic and reliable.

• Local Jewelry Shop

You can also start your searching on your local jewelry shops for some display of inexpensive ring. You can probably have a better chance to negotiate for the price with the owner to get a great deal for your desired engagement ring.

• Jewelry Store Chains from Department Stores

These jewelry chains often offer quality rings that quite similar to those found in conventional jewelry stores. Most of the ring displays on these stores are those last season’s designs, overstocked items, or discontinued styles hence, the prices are greatly reduced.

• Local Jewelry Pawnshops

This is another place to go when you want to purchase a ring which is a bit cheaper. Pawned jewelry, and also jewelries on an auction sale are considerably less expensive than those straight from jewelry stores. Jewelry pawnshops are a great way to get a value on engagement rings.

Find Alternative Stones For Inexpensive Engagement Rings

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is a man made stone which is popularly used for engagement rings. Aside from its hardness, it is also flawless while reflecting a ton of light. Cubic zirconia comes in a variety of colors so you can choose which color you preferred to use most. These stones are a great alternative instead of using diamonds for your ring. This will definitely make your ring less expensive and yet, still have that very nice look and great quality.


If you want a classy and elegant engagement ring yet will still go with your budget, then you can use opal as an alternative stone for your ring. Opal is known as the “Queen of Gems” and no other gem has ever matched the beauty of this stone. This is one of the perfect substitutes for diamond rings. If you want to find inexpensive engagement rings, you can choose to purchase those which uses opal in its design. However, you must also know that opal is softer if compared to a diamond stone. So, if you will use this as your engagement ring, you need to remind your fiancée to take extra care to avoid getting the stone damaged.

Interesting Facts About Modern Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make because it will set the tone for your marriage. Every woman has her own style, design, and idea of what a perfect engagement ring looks like. If your bride- to- be is looking to make a splash, modern engagement rings are a great option. Modern engagement rings refer to ring designs that are popular today. The ring comes in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Most women choose these types of rings since it’s more of a personal choice than a fashion statement and also to stand out from the crowd. These kinds of engagement rings are perfect for the contemporary girl that loves making a bold statement.

Engagement rings in the past years were limited by tradition and available craftsmen. However today, wide varieties of styles are already available. Modern rings are more elegant and glamorous to look at even no matter how simple is the setting. It is also comfortable for daily use since most of the prong heads are shorter. This new design offers more options for women nowadays. Modern engagement rings are becoming more popular every year because of its interesting and unique character. The modern look of these rings complements almost all wedding bands and makes for a stylish piece art on your finger.
They are made from different kinds of materials. From traditional gold and diamonds to natural and man- made ones. Modern engagement rings are produced as a result of superior materials and advanced technology. Most modern engagement rings are sleek and sparkly, and the hottest trend of today’s generation. The great thing about these beautiful items is that they have retained their integral meaning making the whole romantic relationship a formal one.

Different Styles For Modern Engagement Rings

• Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire rings maintain elegance carrying even the most sizable gems. These rings style are a cheaper alternative to the three-stone engagement rings. This allows the diamond or gemstone you select to be the ultimate point. Solitaire engagement rings permit the center gemstone to play the leading role. This style is ideal for bride- to- be who wants a simple engagement ring. These ring style offers unparalleled simple yet elegant beauty that never cave to trends.

• Two-Tone Engagement Rings

These ring style uses two metals together. The two different metals of the two tone wedding band are separate but equal. They usually come in gold, but different shades of gold for instance pink gold. They are then combined with platinum or even yellow gold and the unlikely match creates a dazzling spectacle. Some also comes with diamonds on the band.

• Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings are usually expensive compared to solitaire engagement rings because it has three stones instead of one. They normally come in different diamond shapes like oval, princess cut, emerald-cut, and round. The middle diamond is typically larger than the other diamonds since it is the focal point of the ring. Three- stone engagement rings were seen to have much significance. From the religious angle, it signifies the Trinity- God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On the other angle, it has also a significant meaning. The left diamond represents the past, the middle stone is the present, while the last is represents the future of the couple.

Bridal Engagement Rings

Bridal Engagement Rings usually comes in sterling silver, yellow gold, platinum, or white gold. They are the most popular choice for modern engagement rings styles. It is also the most affordable one because it is a bit cheaper compared to any other engagement ring style. Some bridal engagement ring style also features other gemstone like emeralds and rubies.

Designer Engagement Rings: The Beauty That Lies Behind It

Engagement rings are the best-selling and most loved jewelry pieces. It is essential to find a ring that reflects the lifestyle and personality of your special someone. Proposals can be best expressed through designer engagement rings. Designer rings are ones which have a personalized touch. It is one of the best choice as it matches the personality and the unique taste of the soon to be bride. Since it is intricately made rather than one that is plain looking, most women prefer these rings, as they can feel unique and special. It also gives you the confidence that no one else has the same thing that you have.

There has been a rise in demand for unconventional designer engagement rings particularly those that use colored gemstones as the center stone. Designer engagement rings come in a variety of gemstone options. Most of jewelry designers specializes in making one off designs that would showcase the undying love of a couple. Each designer has their own talent, ability, and style talent to design according to the needs of the people and to their budget. They would cater to your every desire and they also have plenty of options that you can choose from. Designer engagement rings might cost a bit more but the uniqueness of the ring and its design will be more than worth it for you and your bride to be. It is important to ensure that everything that you have given out is according to your suit.

Designer engagement rings are much more elegant than that of a common ring and are crafted with utmost care by expert jewelers and designers. Designer engagement rings are usually one of a kind. It is not replicated so you can be sure that every piece is special.

Tips In Choosing Designer Engagement Rings

• Find The Right Designer

Take a look first at the designers’ previous works. Find out if you are comfortable with the designs that are being shown. The ring should fit your lifestyle and you can also use your own interests as the main design. Once you have found the right designer, then it’s time to discuss the design options.

• Find The Perfect Diamond

Choosing the diamond that would suit your ring is important. You can choose among the many colors available. There are black diamonds, blue diamonds which are brilliant and classy, and also yellow diamonds that have that old world charm.

• Materials Needed

Another important thing to consider is the materials being used for the designer engagement rings. If you would prefer something different, you could have intertwining bands of gold or you could also have just that classic look.

Best Known Engagement Ring Designers

Designers are the one who do the designs and make beautiful looking jewelry. They have the artistry and the ability in designing mostly in the band and the setting. Some of the best world renowned designers are the following:

• Neil Joseph
• Hamilton
• Rose Veltri
• Jane Taylor
• Henri Daussi
• Charles Garnier
• Lauren K
• Ritani
• Christian Bauer
• Mauricio Serrano

It is important to inform the designer about your budget so that they could make a design and style that would fit to your needs as well as to your budget. Most common designs for engagement rings are simple but glamorous and also, with an elegant craftsmanship.Designer engagement rings are special since their designs are well-crafted and unique. When choosing an engagement ring designer, the most important thing you should remember is that expensive does not necessarily mean ideal.

3 Reasons Why Antique Engagement Rings Are Trending Today

Antique engagement rings are in a rising demand nowadays. The sheer beauty of these rings has made them so popular in our modern times. Since engagement rings are one of the greatest ways to express your love and commitment, giving your fiancée such kind of ring is really a great option.

Antique engagement rings have timeless beauty and elegance that your fiancée will surely love. With its inherent sense of individuality, it can surely be a great gift to your bride- to- be on your engagement day. Every antique ring has its own story that is carved in every piece of ring. It is an heirloom which carries a sentimental value that modern rings cannot offer. This makes antique engagement rings more unique. The value of antique engagement rings is greatly enhanced if the rings were formerly owned by celebrities and famous people.

The setting of antique engagement rings is one of the aspects of this ring that most people love. It is one of the most liked and well admired styles of all time. Antique ring setting displays charming and passionate collection made of white gold and platinum. Antique rings are those rings produced over a decades or even centuries ago. If you want to find these kinds of rings, you can search through jewelry dealers which offer estate jewelries. You can also find these rings in any reputable jeweler. The price maybe at a premium but it is a safest choice to buy an antique ring in good shape.

Most antique rings were originally produced in white gold. And since these rings are made many years ago, you must pay attention to polishing or cleaning the ring’s surface to bring out the original luster and conceal some of the effects of time. If you are planning to use antique rings an your engagement ring, then need to bring the piece of antique ring to a jeweler to refresh the white gold surface with a coating of rhodium. Rhodium is commonly used to show the natural gold color of the underlying material and present the brilliant appearance of white gold.

3 Reasons Why Antique Engagement Rings Are Trending

1. Long lasting beauty and elegance

Almost every piece of antique engagement rings was created with remarkable craftsmanship that you can never find in any other modern engagement rings. Its beauty and elegance is priceless and is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

2. Great Historical Value

Each piece of antique rings signifies a certain period in the history. Most of them represent memorable events and significant development of human civilization.

3. Timeless

Almost every antique engagement ring is known for its great appeal. They are truly timeless. They have captured the hearts of every men and women across time with their style that represents the resurrection of both the old and the new. Wearing such a timeless style of ring is just like wearing something that has been passed down from many generations. They are more elaborate and intricate compared to modern varieties of engagement rings.

Antique Ring Styles Based On Eras

Victorian Antique Engagement Rings

These rings were produced during the Victorian era way back 1835-1900. It has more intricate craftsmanship, elegance, and simplicity compared to modern styles. Mostly, it is set on rose gold or yellow gold color.

Edwardian Antique Engagement Rings

These are rings that was produced during 1900- 1920. Instead of the very colorful rose and yellow gold from the Victorian age, platinum is a massive hit for engagement rings during this time. Sapphires are the most popular in this era.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

This ring style became a worldwide hit. These rings were produced during 1920-1930. This style is the most sought-after antique engagement rings for newlyweds.

Excellent Options for Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Although diamond rings are very popular, there are a lot of couples these days that choose non diamond engagement rings for their special someone. The reason may be personal style, budget restrictions and many more. Yet, straying from diamond rings does not mean that they are not getting stylish and quality rings because the truth is there are plenty of choices out there aside from diamond. These choices even look beautiful and more affordable so why not give these a try?

Why Settle For These Rings?

Buying diamond ethical rings can be a bloody process, making unique engagement rings such a viable option for couples that are in search for a great alternative for the precious diamond ring. In these days, gem stones are now becoming a trend when it comes to engagement rings and these are usually set in stunning gold or platinum ring settings that can be comparable to the exquisiteness of the real diamond ring.

Moreover, faux diamonds are also on the rise and they surprisingly have the appearance of real diamond rings. Hence, couples can have the prestige of having non diamond engagement rings and still achieve the look of the classic diamond rings. Plus, these rings are more affordable and can be as durable as diamonds. So, what are their options? Here is an interesting list:

  • Precious/ semi-precious gemstones engagement rings
  • Celtic engagement rings
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Moissanite

All of these are great options but it will be best to explore each one of them in order to get the best idea why they are ideal as engagement rings. You’ll be surprised at how amazing they are.

Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones

Using gemstones as the center stone of engagement rings is becoming a popular option since these can be more affordable and equally stylish and stunning as diamond rings. Also, some couples choose gemstones due to a personal preference. These are available in various colors and cuts which gives couples more options.

Moreover, non diamond engagement rings can be more meaningful as each stone can signify an important meaning in someone’s life. These are suitable for couples who are very sentimental and love symbolism.

They can choose from sapphire engagement rings that symbolize a clear mind or rubies that are known to make the love bloom even more. Apart from these, couples can go for emeralds, topaz, aquamarine and a lot more.

Celtic Engagement Rings

Another lovely alternative for diamond rings are Celtic engagement rings that are characterized by the intricate intertwining design or knot works. With this, it can go without the center stone. However, couples may also opt for gem stones because the choice of engagement rings depends on the personal preference of the couple.

The beautiful patterns and knots also symbolize special meanings like “eternal love” for couples, making this kind of ring perfect for lovers who want ultimate representation.

Non Diamond Engagement Rings- Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic or man-made stone that resembles genuine diamonds making them ideal for use in engagement rings. It is made from a chemical substance called zirconium oxide that was first known in the year 1932.

These are less expensive than real diamonds making it a popular option. Since these are not real diamonds they lack the brilliance and shine of the real one. However, for the untrained eye, Cubic Zirconia can make everyone think otherwise. Also, it is a very hard substance that can match the durability of real diamonds.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Another kind of synthetic diamonds are moissanite stones that are fairly newer in the market than Cubic Zirconia. It is rapidly becoming more popular the CZ since it is closer to real diamonds compared to CZ. Moissanite stones are made from silicon carbide and have the brilliance that is almost similar to genuine diamonds that can deceive even the experts in diamonds.

Since it is resembles diamonds more than CZ these tend to be more expensive too. But the price is definitely worth it as it also has a hardness of 9.25 that is very close to the perfect 10 real diamonds.

Truly, there are a lot of options for non diamond engagement rings so couples can always get away with a gorgeous ring that will suit their style and budget.