Diamonds occur in various colors including blue, yellow, green, orange, various shades of pink, red, brown, gray and black. Prior to the establishment of the Argyl diamond mine in Australia in 1986, most brown diamonds were considered worthless for jewelry and used predominantly for industrial purpose.

This article discusses the emergence of chocolate diamond; a variant of brown diamond and its relevance.

In the early years of diamond discovery, pure diamonds were considered to be almost colorless and fairly transparent. By these criteria, colored diamonds were considered impure and less valuable compared to colorless diamonds.

Colored diamonds were then used for other purposes except for fashion; this includes industrial process and components of various equipment.

Brown diamonds are the most common color variety of natural diamonds. In most diamond mines, brown diamonds account for 15% of production. Colored diamonds began to gain recognition in 1950 when Baumgold, a diamond cutter rebranded brown diamonds to chocolate diamonds in order to entice sales.

It was after this rebranding that chocolate diamonds gained unprecedented popularity with a marked increase in its sales. The establishment of Argyl diamond mine in Australia in 1986 further boosted the sales of chocolate diamonds.

In the late 1980s, the largest cut chocolate diamond in the world (The golden jubilee diamond) was discovered. It weighed 755.5 Carats as a rough stone in the Premier mine of South Africa. In the year 2000, the fine jewelry company Le Vian trademarked the term “chocolate diamonds and introduced a new brown Jewelry line with massive TV advertisement.

The campaign paid-off; in 2007, virtually nobody was ignorant of chocolate diamonds. Subsequently, the sales of chocolate diamonds increased significantly.

Chocolate diamond rings; the unique trend

Being unique is the clear goal of any fashion-oriented individual. Chocolate diamond affords you the chance to step out of the crowd and stand out with style. A perfect blend of crystalline brown diamond can be forged into almost anything. Chocolate diamond rings are easily noticed and even more exciting to behold. These rings can be worn for fashion, presented as gifts amidst other uses.

How expensive are chocolate diamond rings

Unlike before when the aim was to mine the clearest and most colorless diamonds, people are now interested in colored diamonds. During the last two decades, the sales of chocolate diamond rings have increased. In spite of this, chocolate diamond rings are still quite affordable. While it is true that chocolate diamond rings are about 50% less expensive than medium quality white diamonds, their quality and durability remain unquestionable. A viable to question here is- what determines the price of chocolate diamond rings?

– Color: generally speaking, the stronger the color, the more expensive the diamond.

-Carat: the word karat (a derivative of a carat is a unit of measurement of precious gems. For instance, a 25-carat chocolate diamond ring is expected to be more expensive than a 20-carat gemstone of the same type.

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