Interesting Facts About Modern Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make because it will set the tone for your marriage. Every woman has her own style, design, and idea of what a perfect engagement ring looks like. If your bride- to- be is looking to make a splash, modern engagement rings are a great option. Modern engagement rings refer to ring designs that are popular today. The ring comes in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Most women choose these types of rings since it’s more of a personal choice than a fashion statement and also to stand out from the crowd. These kinds of engagement rings are perfect for the contemporary girl that loves making a bold statement.

Engagement rings in the past years were limited by tradition and available craftsmen. However today, wide varieties of styles are already available. Modern rings are more elegant and glamorous to look at even no matter how simple is the setting. It is also comfortable for daily use since most of the prong heads are shorter. This new design offers more options for women nowadays. Modern engagement rings are becoming more popular every year because of its interesting and unique character. The modern look of these rings complements almost all wedding bands and makes for a stylish piece art on your finger.
They are made from different kinds of materials. From traditional gold and diamonds to natural and man- made ones. Modern engagement rings are produced as a result of superior materials and advanced technology. Most modern engagement rings are sleek and sparkly, and the hottest trend of today’s generation. The great thing about these beautiful items is that they have retained their integral meaning making the whole romantic relationship a formal one.

Different Styles For Modern Engagement Rings

• Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire rings maintain elegance carrying even the most sizable gems. These rings style are a cheaper alternative to the three-stone engagement rings. This allows the diamond or gemstone you select to be the ultimate point. Solitaire engagement rings permit the center gemstone to play the leading role. This style is ideal for bride- to- be who wants a simple engagement ring. These ring style offers unparalleled simple yet elegant beauty that never cave to trends.

• Two-Tone Engagement Rings

These ring style uses two metals together. The two different metals of the two tone wedding band are separate but equal. They usually come in gold, but different shades of gold for instance pink gold. They are then combined with platinum or even yellow gold and the unlikely match creates a dazzling spectacle. Some also comes with diamonds on the band.

• Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three-stone engagement rings are usually expensive compared to solitaire engagement rings because it has three stones instead of one. They normally come in different diamond shapes like oval, princess cut, emerald-cut, and round. The middle diamond is typically larger than the other diamonds since it is the focal point of the ring. Three- stone engagement rings were seen to have much significance. From the religious angle, it signifies the Trinity- God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On the other angle, it has also a significant meaning. The left diamond represents the past, the middle stone is the present, while the last is represents the future of the couple.

Bridal Engagement Rings

Bridal Engagement Rings usually comes in sterling silver, yellow gold, platinum, or white gold. They are the most popular choice for modern engagement rings styles. It is also the most affordable one because it is a bit cheaper compared to any other engagement ring style. Some bridal engagement ring style also features other gemstone like emeralds and rubies.